May 1st, 2012

Casa B, Somerville - Union Sq

When Steve and I went for tapas a few months ago, I really wanted to try Casa B, but the wait was 2 hours long. We ended up at half empty Kika Tapas and had a mediocre meal. So, I was excited finally get the chance to go to Casa B, a new tapas joint in Union Sq, that has been garnering rave reviews for their food (mixed reviews on the service).

Casa B does not have a traditional tapas menu; it’s highly Latin and Puerto Rican influenced. We went with Kerry and Bryan and tried a slew of dishes.

Pichos (similar to a crostini, 2 pieces each):

  1. Grilled chicken topped with rustic green olive tapenade. I thought the tapenade was flavorful and added much need flavor to the grilled chicken.
  2. Chicken gizzards with sautéed onions. I think this was my favorite of the night. The gizzards were so tender and delicious I was inspired to buy some 2 days later in an attempt to replicate this dish.
  3. Beef tenderloin with sautéed onions and crispy shallots. This was another excellent pick, well liked by everyone.

We also got:

  1. Grilled Spanish sausage with yucca in coconut sauce. The sausage was good, but I thought the yucca and sauce were bland.
  2. Papas fritas – I didn’t appreciate that the fries came in a vessel with ketchup on the bottom. Call it fussy, but I want to be able to control the amount of condiment on my fry.
  3. Meatballs in guava sauce. All the reviews raved about the meatballs, which were good, but not mind-blowing. I enjoyed the sweet guava sauce.


  1. Tres leches cake topped with meringue. Delicious and moist. I loved it.
  2. Coconut and chocolate bread pudding with guava sauce. I thought it was the least successful of the three desserts; it was on the dry side.
  3. Lime pie with brandy macerated cherries. It was their version of a key lime dessert and it was tart and tasty.

We had an assortment of drinks, including two types of sangria, wine, beer and cocktails. I really loved the fried sweet plantains with asparagus dip that came in lieu of a bread basket. Our service was good; no evidence of the inattentiveness that marred other reviews.

Kerry was nice enough to email me her opinion, so I can share it with you verbatim, “Casa B is one of the few restaurants that I would return to for the ambiance over the food - the tapas were pleasant, some stood out more than others (gizzards), but the space itself was thoughtfully designed to be vibrant and conducive to conversation.”