May 28th, 2012

No-Bake Lime Cracker Pie

One of Steve’s favorite desserts is Key lime pie, and he also loves crackers, so when I saw this recipe I thought, “if I threw chicken in here it would be a perfect Steve dish,” but I decided that would be a little much. The pie couldn’t be simpler, just combine and layer, and the No-Bake aspect makes it perfect for the summer. I was surprised that people kept commenting how light and refreshing it was, given the ingredients (condensed milk, heavy cream) - it is anything but light. I did replace the lime with Key limes. I don’t recommend this, not because of the flavor, which was sweet, tart and tangy, but I juiced 26 Key limes, which were about the size of golf balls. It took 35 minutes to get the ½ cup of juice required, so it would be much easier to use regular limes. Some people wrote that lemons are great as well. The Ritz crackers are a fun surprise. I constructed 3 layers, but I think 4 layers of crackers would be even better. I used a casserole dish instead of a pie plate for presentation’s sake. Enjoy!

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