July 1st, 2012

Great Taste Restaurant and Bakery

Part of the fun of dim sum is watching the little old Chinese ladies with food carts go by and the instant gratification of pointing at any food that looks good and getting it immediately. But sometimes you don’t want to sit at a large round banquet table with strangers, or you want dim sum outside of the traditional brunch-type hours. What’s the solution? Dim sum cafés, where you exchange a menu for the novelty of the carts, and it comes to your table made to order, just for you.

Marc’s flight arrived at 8:30am, so we headed in to Chinatown and went to Great Taste. My favorite dim sum café, Gitlo’s closed a few years back, and Great Taste was one of two cafés open this early. The space was small, but clean. We ordered an array of dishes, mostly classics like shrimp dumplings, siu mai, roast pork buns, and chicken and sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf. I introduced Marc to a dish that involved wrapping a savory stick of fried dough in rice noodle (carbs wrapped in carbs!), which he enjoyed.

Mama Tsoi always says the test of any good dim sum is the shrimp dumpling (har gau) and Great Taste passed with a solid A. The shrimp were plump and firm, while the wrapper had the right texture and consistency. I wasn’t disappointed in any of our dishes – I think they were consistently well made and quite delicious. Best of all, you can have dim sum any time.