August 2nd, 2012

Tripoli Bakery, Lawrence

After a long morning in court, I was in desperate need of food. I’m unfamiliar with the Lawrence area, so quick search sent me to Tripoli Bakery. The entrance is divided – pizzeria to the left, bakery goods to the right. The pizza is Sicilian style. I got 2 slices: one cheese and one pepperoni. I thought the crust was quite good – thinner and crispier than traditional bakery style. The sauce was overwhelmingly sweet, so the pepperoni slice was better; the saltiness of the pepperoni tempered the sauce. The slices are less than $2 each and you can go next door and peruse the bakery side of Tripoli while you wait.

The Italian cookies are $10 a pound; I got a nice assortment to bring back to the office, including really excellent almond macaroons, overly sweet coconut macaroons, jam filled cookies and Florentines (chocolate and vanilla). The cookies were well liked by all. I picked up a sfogliatelle for Steve. I think Modern Pastry makes a superior sfogliatelle, but this one was still good.