September 24th, 2012

The Mughals, Burlington

The Mughals is a new Indian restaurant that has been getting lots of love on the boards. Steve is not a fan of Indian food (or sushi, or Greek, or Mexican, for that matter) so I was happy that Chucky was willing to trek up to Burlington to try it with me. My saag paneer (spinach and cheese curry) was quite good and I enjoyed the aloo naan (potato filled bread). Chucky had the lamb shahi seekh, a minced lamb mixture that had been cooked on skewers. It was spicy and picked up a nice smokiness from the tandoori clay oven. My only complaint is that the rice seemed slightly undercooked.

Our service was slow and we waited a good 20 minutes before flagging our waiter down at the end of the meal. The prices are reasonable; in line with other Indian restaurants in the city ($12-$15 for entrees). The strip mall location makes it a challenge to find (it’s behind the shell station). They have a buffet lunch that is supposed to be quite good, so consider it if you are in the area.  


Pizzeria Regina, North End

I don’t usually re-blog about restaurants, but anyone will tell you that the original Regina’s and their outposts are not equivalent. Steve and I strolled over to the Thatcher St. location around 4:45pm on Saturday, a lovely fall afternoon. There was only one couple ahead of us in line. It was a good plan to go early because by 5:30pm, the line was already halfway down the block. 5 minutes later, we snagged two seats at the bar, with an excellent view into the kitchen and the famous brick oven. There’s a ton of topping options, but we went with a classic pepperoni and mushroom combination, well done. The pizza was delicious, as expected, but I didn’t feel it was that different from the Medford location, which we frequent. But, the bartender urged me to try the garlic oil and brought over a small container of minced garlic and chili flakes submerged in red tinted oil. I drizzled a little on my pizza, making sure to get some of the garlic on the slice as well. Wow. It was potent and outstanding. This is what you want to have the Vampire Apocalypse comes; this is not what you want to have if you plan to converse with anyone within a 3 foot radius. Bad breath be damned, I slathered it on my next slice as well.

We didn’t finish the large pizza, and the bartender kindly packed up our leftovers with more garlic oil. We left and walked straight to the corner store to in desperate search of gum for me.