December 9th, 2012

Hot Breads, Woburn

I’ve driven by Hot Breads a hundred times – it right on Main St. in Woburn Center. I’ve always thought it was a run of the mill bakery. I had 3 meetings at Woburn High School in a 4 hour time period and had just enough time to run out and grab a quick bite. I wondered in and to my surprise, Hot Breads is an Indian bakery! Now that’s exciting. They have a short menu of lunch entrees, but I opted for the bakery counter. I got a vegetarian croissant, veg puff and a veg pakora. They do have non-veg options, but I found that veg is the way to go with Indian food.

The pastries were extremely affordable ($1.85 each and pakoras were $1). They heated them up for me, which the puff fared better than the croissant (soggy bottom). I thought the exterior were flaky and interiors flavorful. I finished my meal with a ghee butter cookie, which lacked flavor. I think it’s a great option for a quick snack if you are in the area.

 Hot Breads