May 3rd, 2013

Salty Pig, Back Bay/South End

I’m slowly chipping away at my 2013 to go list. Salty pig is has a small gastropub menu; the left side offers cured meats and cheeses to create your own charcuterie board and the right side has a small selection of salads, small plates and pizzas. The space is large and open which is visually appealing, but the high ceilings amplify the noise, making it difficult for conversation.

The meal began with forgettable focaccia. My dining companion and I shared a couple of small plates: Sweetbreads with white and green asparagus, morels and a poached egg, and grilled octopus with chorizo. The sweetbreads were expertly prepared and nothing says spring more than asparagus and morel mushrooms. The octopus was tender and the chorizo added smokiness and depth to the plate, but the green chickpeas did nothing for me. The portions were small, given the prices ($10-13).

We opted for the signature pizza, the Salty Pig ($15), which is described as “Today’s Salty Pig parts.” When the pizza arrived, I asked what the parts were and I was told mortadella, salami and pepperoni was what was hiding under the bushel of arugula. Now, I enjoyed the pizza; the crust was appropriately thin, crispy and had good flavor, but when I order pig parts, I expected ears, tails, snouts and the like, not items I could have procured at the deli counter at Stop & Shop.

Salty Pig only offered one dessert, which could have been problematic as my DC did not like chocolate, but luckily it was a pine nut crostata. We shared a generous slice to end our meal. The crust was somewhat tough and the filling too sweet. I think if you only offer one dessert, it should be an impressive one.

Our server was attentive and my cocktail was quite good. The bill came in a small guest book that previous patrons had used to doodle penises all over the pages, along with comments about their meals.

I liked Salty Pig; I think it’s a nice place to grab a drink/snack if you are in the area, but it’s not worth a special trip. There is an outdoor patio area, which I'm sure would be great in the warmer months. Sorry I didn’t get any pictures; the lighting was too dim.