June 11th, 2013

Myers + Chang, South End

I’m a big fan of Joanne Chang, owner of the Flour bakeries; her browned butter rice krispies treat is one of my favorite go-to recipes. She and her husband opened Myers + Chang, an upscale Asian fusion restaurant in the South End.

On Monday and Tuesday evenings, they have a “Cheap Date Night” Menu, which is a prix fixe meal for 2 for $40. There are 5 different options including vegetarian, seafood or meat lover. I thought this was funny as my ex-boyfriend always joked I was a “cheap date” whenever the bill came (this is mostly because I prefer to share and I seldom have more than one drink, if even that).

My dining companion and I opted to order ala carte. We shared the pork Thai lettuce wraps ($11), beef and broccoli chow fun ($16) and pan-roasted soy glazed salmon ($18).

The chow fun was no different or better than what you would get in any Chinese restaurant. It was good, but not worth the steep price tag, especially given the portion size. Mama Tsoi would have a heart attack.

Chow Fun

The salmon had a nice crispy skin and good flavor, but it was a tad overcooked and the rice was too sweet.


My favorite dish was the pork Thai wraps. 4 large pork meatballs came skewed, with large leaves of butter lettuce for wrapping. I thought the pork was tender and flavorful.

Desserts are where the restaurant excelled; we shared a lemon ginger mousse and the coconut cream pie. All desserts are $7. The lemon mousse was tart, sweet and light and the coconut cream pie has an excellent crust and flavorful filling. It was topped with lime whipped cream for contrast.


Our server was friendly, but grew increasingly difficult to find by the end of the evening. But I loved the cocktail he recommended, Yuzu Smash, a concoction of freshly squeezed yuzu juice, drambuie and fresh mint.