June 12th, 2013

Saloon, Davis Square

There is no sign for Saloon. It is next to Foundry on Elm (owned by the same people) and there is a bouncer at the door. You show him your ID and then you go down a flight of stairs in to a cozy, dimly lit space, filled with leather upholstery and dark wood tones. You feel like you have been transported to a speakeasy in the 1920’s. I love it.

The food menu is tiny, as the focus is on the cocktails, beer and spirits. I got “The Prom Dress” (vodka, Strega,Velvet Falernum, and lemon). It was sweet and strong. We shared the devils on horseback ($11). There are a million variations on this classic appetizer, but this might be my favorite – the salty feta stuffed in to the sweet dates wrapped in the crispy, salty bacon. I thought it was awesomely delicious. I was dismayed to see my dining companion peel the bacon off and discard it.


I had the roasted pork shoulder ($22). It was served a top a summer succotash of corn and fava beans. My pork was slightly under cooked and a little chewy, but decent favor.

photo (1)

I tried my dining companion’s Parisian gnocchi ($18). It was tender, light and fluffy on the inside and had a crispy browned exterior. It was served with trumpet mushrooms.

photo (2)

For dessert, we shared another oldie but goodie, chocolate lava cake. They updated it with a passion fruit sauce. The cake should have oozed more, but the chocolaty flavor was deep and rich and contrasted nicely with the tart sauce.

photo (3)

The service was great; our waitress was attentive and sweet. I was pleased with the food and loved that I could pretend I was on the set of Boardwalk Empire. I think it’s a great place to meet for a drink, or grab a bite.