October 26th, 2013

Southern Buttermilk Biscuits II

I still had more buttermilk, so I decided to try a different recipe from food.com. I think these were an improvement over Alton’s. I still wish there was more rise – I long for the mile high biscuits that grace magazine covers. I also have decided that even though round biscuits are prettier, square biscuits are easier and there are no scraps to deal with.

Southern Buttermilk Biscuits

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Paaastelitos, Lynn

A pastelito is a Dominican empanada and Paaaselitos in Lynn has over 60 varieties on their menu. They have the traditional fillings - beef, chicken, and cheese as well as unusual combinations such as green bean casserole and peanut butter and fluff. I stopped in for a quick bite. Although the pernil pastelito caught my eye, I didn’t have the 5-10 minutes to wait for a made to order pastelito, so I opted for the ready made ones in the display case. They sell the pastelitos in 3 sizes; regular, jumbo and super, but only regulars are in the case. I got one of each available: beef, beef with cheese, chicken, chicken with cheese, 3 cheese and ham and cheese. I also grabbed a potato ball (I’m sure there’s a name for it, but I didn’t take note of it). It was filled with a beef and pork mixture and then breaded and deep fried. It was excellent.

potato ball, filled with pork and beef

The pastelitos were good; the pastry was flaky and not greasy, but very light in color. I think they could have used a little more time in the fryer. I think the 3 cheese and the beef were the best; I found the chicken extremely dry. The prices are dirt cheap – the pastelitos were $1 each and the potato ball was $1.60.