November 23rd, 2013

Max’s Oyster Bar, West Hartford

Max’s Oyster Bar was packed for their happy hour specials, but Christine and I managed to grab the last two stools at the bar. We sampled a large portion of their happy hour menu. The fried calamari ($5) was crispy and tender. They get extra points for serving the tentacles, in addition to the rings. The beef sliders ($5) were far superior to the crab cake ($5) ones. The burgers were medium rare and had great beefy flavor. In the taco ($4) battle, the fried fish has a nice crunch and flaky texture, whereas the blackened fish lacked flavor. Lastly, the pork belly buns ($4) had a nice kick, but the bao itself was dried out.

The service was abysmal: it took forever to order, they brought us the wrong fish tacos and we had to ask 3 times for the beef sliders. I know it was happy hour, but the server was confused, overwhelmed and nowhere to be found most of the night.

Happy hour is from 4-6, Monday – Saturday. The menu includes $5 cocktails and wine. It’s an excellent deal if you are in the area, just be prepared to wait.

Tacos, buns, calamari, crabcake sliders

Beef sliders