December 19th, 2013

San Francisco and Napa, Part V

Downtown Napa bites

I walked all around downtown, grazing as I went. Here are the highlights:

Lemon Cake

Lemon cake at Alexis baking company ($2.75) - I was in search of a bagel for Steve; they are surprisingly hard to find on the West coast. First, I went to Alexis baking company, but they do not sell them. On my way out I glimpsed a sign in the bakery case - “Best damn lemon cake,” and so I had to try it. It was tender and moist, with a good acidic tang, but I would not call it the best ever.

English Muffins

English Muffins at Model Bakery ($2.5) – They do not make bagels, but they do make English muffins and they are extraordinary: light and fluffy inside and a crisp buttery crust on the outside. They are, bar none, the best English muffins I have ever had, not that there is much competition (Sorry, Thomas’s). I got one to go and walked 3 blocks away, turned around and went back for another. If I lived near Model, I would use it to make the most amazing breakfast sandwich.

Morning Bun

Morning bun at Sweetie Pies ($3) - My next stop on the bagel procurement tour took me to Sweetie Pies. At last, success! They do not make bagels themselves, but get them from Golden Bagel Café, a few miles away. I got a morning bun, a cinnamon and sugar coated roll. It reminded me of Carberry’s cinnamon bun. It was warm and delicious.

Hash Browns

Hash browns at Gott’s Roadside – They are known for their burgers, but it was 9:45am and no burgers were offered on their breakfast menu. I opted for an order of hash browns. The two thick triangular wedges were thick, crunchy and the right amount of greasy, like 2 McDonald’s hash browns stacked on top of each other.

Ca' Momi

Creme puffs

Crème puffs at Ca’ Momi. - Ca’ Momi is an Italian restaurant in the Oxbow market (a definite must visit). They also have an attractive pastry display filled with crème puffs. I couldn’t resist trying the hazelnut and their signature “milk & honey,” The puffs were light and fillings were flavorful and satisfying.