January 31st, 2014

Mrs. Jones Soul Food, Dorchester

Mrs. Jones is a small soul food joint that is mostly takeout, although there are 4 tables that you can sit and enjoy your grub from its Styrofoam container. The menu is undeniably Southern – smothered pork chops, collard greens, ribs, mac and cheese and, of course, fried chicken. The fried chicken comes only in wings – 5 to an order ($9) with a small square of sweet, cakey cornbread. The wings were outstanding; they are large, golden, well seasoned and crispy with a tender and moist interior. I swooned at the first bite, as I grabbed for an extra napkin to stem the flow of juices, streaming down my hand. I regretted not ordering the chicken wing dinner plate ($11), which includes two sides. I really wanted to try more of the food. There is no doubt I will be back for more.

Fried Chicken


2255 Dorchester Ave
Dorchester, MA 02124
(617) 696-0180