February 27th, 2014

Tavern Road, Boston

Tavern Road is a part of the new “restaurant row” in Fort Point. The website touts it as a “high-energy, modern restaurant & bar,” It was certainly hopping on Saturday night, when Steve and I waited an extra 20 minutes in the packed bar area for our 7:30pm reservation. Luckily, my cocktail – “Waltham Experience” (vodka, butternut, lemon juice and brown sugar syrup) was really tasty.

We were finally seated and a glance at the menu told me that their website menu is out of date. I have heard such great things about the porchetta and was disappoint to see it was not listed anymore. We were given delicious individual rounds of warm rosemary and parmesan focaccia to start. Steve ordered the tagliatelle with bacon, smoked cherry tomatoes and broccoli rabe ($20). It is hard to go wrong with bacon and broccoli rabe in my book; I love the smoky and bitter combination. The serving size was tiny - it was barely appetizer sized, much less an entrée. My barramundi (an Australian white fish) was served whole with 2 tiny pieces of artichoke. I really enjoyed taking a part my fish, but it is not something I would recommend for the squeamish, or a first date. There were a lot of bones and it got messy. We had a side of white sweet potato gnocchi ($8). I enjoyed the Brussels sprouts in the dish, but the maple glaze atop the sweet potato made the whole thing too sugary. The kitchen had an extra order of polenta, so they kindly sent it out to us. I thought the polenta was good and I was glad for the extra food, given the small serving sizes.

The server was proficient and Steve enjoyed his beers. When I asked him what he thought of the meal, he summed it up with a succinct but accurate, “OK”

Tavern Road