April 22nd, 2014

Mircowave mocha mug cake

After an extraordinarily bad day, I made a meal of comfort foods: mashed potatoes, nachos with pork belly and caramel sea salt gelato. I felt better, but as I watched TV and saw a character devour a chocolate cupcake, I thought, that’s what I want. I could have whipped up a batch, or made a whole cake, but that would have taken more time and effort than I was willing to give. I remembered reading about microwave mug cake; a super simple recipe where everything is dumped in to a mug, stirred and nuked. It promises a perfect, single serving confection, done in less time than a commercial break, but would it actually taste good? I was pleased to discover the cake was moist and had decent flavor. The texture was not perfect, and the presentation is not going to win any awards, but holding the mug and eating warm cake felt decadent (like eating ice cream from the pint container) and comforting. This is definitely a recipe to keep for those kinda of days.

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