June 2nd, 2014

Worcester Eats

This past weekend was Steve’s 20th college reunion at Holy Cross in Worcester, so I got to knock a few area restaurants off my to go list.

Corner Grille

It is a small restaurant serving pizzas, wraps and salads. Their pizza has a wafer thin crust, similar to Emma’s in Cambridge, but better. You can create your own, or opt for one of their specialty pizzas, which offers some really interesting flavor combinations. All of the pizzas are 14” square and are $14; a pizza and a salad would make a perfect meal for 2. Steve and I shared the Tatnuck Engine #9 Pie (red sauce, roasted red peppers, sweet Italian sausage, caramelized onion, mild garlic peppers and cheese). We both really enjoyed it. The crust was thin and crispy, with flavorful toppings. Steve’s friends, Bryan and Kerry, recommend the Mad Russian Pie (creamy tomato-vodka sauce, chicken, artichoke hearts, baby spinach and cheese). This is a must try, if you are in the area.

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George’s Coney Island Lunch

This landmark has been here since 1918. The wooden booths are marred with the carvings of thousand of diners and the jukebox still works. Hot dogs are the main attraction. They are grilled Kayem dogs, nestled in a steamed bun. “Up” or “all the way” will get you a stripe of yellow mustard, a ladle of all-meat chili and a generous amount of raw onion on top.

Steve’s college roommate, Andi, famous for his ability to consume vast quantities of food and drink, once came here with 3 other guys. They all ordered 2 hot dogs each; Andi ordered “6, all the way” and the cashier replied, “Why?” The legend has it that Andi consumed all 6 before the rest of them finished their hot dogs.

Andi is now older (and wiser) and only ordered 2. I had one (all the way, baby) and Steve had a plain dog. They are astoundingly cheap - $1.50 each. We also shared an enormous half-sour pickle between the three of us. The hot dog was everything you would expect: greasy, salty and deliciously gross (or would that be grossly delicious?). The hot dog had a nice snap, the chili was meaty and the onion added a nice crunch. I don’t think I could eat 6, but I could have managed 3 or 4. This is where you want to go after a night of drinking, but can’t because they close at 9pm.

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