July 21st, 2014

Snacking on the strip - tacos and pizza

My first stop was Tacos El Gordo. The place was pure chaos. Luckily I had read about how their different lines for the different items and I went straight to the one offering beef cheek tacos. Not surprisingly, it was one of the shortest lines. For two dollars I got one of the most meltingly tender taco, on two soft corn tortillas, topped with the salsa Verde. It is definitely on par with Tacos El Amigo in Waltham. For $2 it's probably the best deal on the strip.


My next stop was Bouchon bakery in the Venetian Hotel. When we were in Napa, Bouchon forgot to put my salted caramel macaroon in the bag, so I decided it was worth walking 2 miles in 100° weather to procure one. I arrived to a set of closed doors, five minutes before the posted closing time (9pm). I now officially hate Thomas Keller.

So then I walked on to Payard patisserie at Caesar's Palace. It turns out they do not sell individual macaroons, but prepackaged sets of six - definitely not what I was after, either.

After watching the dancing water fountains of Bellagio, I decided to check out the Cosmopolitan. This is a new hotel and bridge nationals will be there in 2019 & 2024. I had read about a "secret pizza" place there. I followed the directions from a helpful poster on chowhound - go to the third-floor and down a on ummarked hallway with albums covers lining the walls. I was rewarded with a small pizzeria, with no seating and offering only four types of pizza. I had an excellent slice of white pizza. The crust was thin and crispy, and the ricotta was creamy and just salty enough. It was not exactly a bargain at $5.25, but extremely delicious.