August 21st, 2014

Cuisine en Locale, Somerville

I have been in full wedding planning mode and that includes visiting different caterers. Cuisine en Locale is a catering company that specializes in using only local farms. Their mission statement is: to support the growth of farms and farmers, and increase the value of food in the area where we live, and eat.

They moved in to the old Anthony’s function hall space a year ago. I went for a site visit and it looks like they have put zero money into renovating or updating the space. Anthony’s has been around since the 70’s and the ballroom hasn’t left the decade. I surveyed the space, mentally tallying the chair covers, linens and flowers that would be needed to spruce it up.

In addition to catering functions, they hold different food events. They had a pierogi night a few weeks ago and every Monday is taco night. I ordered 3 tacos (squid, carnitas, carne asada) to sample and they were all delicious, especially the tender squid. The tacos were $4 each and came with a generous side of kasha grains and garnished with pickled onions and carrots.

photo 1 (1)

Despite the aged décor, the food was good enough that I sat down with JJ Gonson, the owner about planning a wedding reception. She was super nice, but when she told me that coffee and tea service (fair trade, equal exchange, of course) was $18 a person, I knew it was time to get up and leave.

The hunt for a wedding venue continues, but I’ll be back if they have another pierogi night.