August 29th, 2014

Winsor Dim Sum Café, Chinatown

I was in Chinatown, checking out potential wedding reception sites and I needed something small to tie me over. I could have gone in to a bakery for a coconut bun, but instead I opted for Winsor Dim Sum Café, a small establishment across from China Pearl. Traditional dim sum is fun for introducing people to it; they can see all the food in the carts. However, the advantage of a café is you order whatever you want from the menu (no waiting, or hunting down little old Chinese ladies) and it comes out hot and fresh.


All the dim sum is $3.15. I got an order of my favorite, har gau (shrimp dumplings). Mama Tsoi believes that you can tell the quality of any dim sum place by their har gau. I was disappointed. Although the shrimp was tender, the wrapping was thick and doughy. Great Taste Bakery is definitely a better dim sum café option in Chinatown.