September 3rd, 2014

Cake tasting (Konditor Meister, Montilio’s & Oakleaf)

What a racket – you call up a bakery, tell them you are engaged and looking at cake options. They will invite you to come and ply you with free cake, coffee and send you home with samples and goodies.

I wish I could say this is the best part of wedding planning, but the great irony is that once you are engaged, for most women, the dieting begins as you want to look your best walking down the aisle, so the last thing you want is endless amount of free cake.

But, sacrifices must be made, so for my wedding guests, I have started the arduous process of trying cakes, a lot of cakes - 22, this past weekend, to be exact.

I started at Konditor Meister in Braintree, a popular choice for many New England brides. Their cakes are beautiful and start at a $3.50 a serving. I bought Jes, one of my bridesmaids with me. They gave us 8 samples: a variety of cakes matched with different buttercream frostings. I won’t describe each one, as I did not like the texture of the cakes. The crumb was dense and dry. They sent me home with the leftovers AND a box of mini-pastries as a treat.

photo 1

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Next was Montilio’s in Braintree; their cakes are slightly more costly ($3.85 a serving). Here, we were presented with 10 samples. The cake texture was better, moister, but the frostings were overwhelmingly sweet. When I mentioned that, Joyce, my “cake consultant” replied that she had tried Chinese cakes before and that “your people like it less sweet, but your fiancé and his family will appreciate it,”


She proceeded to work up the cost of the cake, and with decoration and delivery, a four tiered monstrosity was $755. No thanks Joyce, my people and I will go elsewhere. She did give me a cookie decorated as an engagement ring.

photo 3

photo 5

Oakleaf is a small bakery in Boston. I was given 6 cupcakes to taste, including a vegan oreo one. Oakleaf’s chiffon cake has the best texture so far and their champagne buttercream was unusual and delicious. The frostings are an Italian meringue, so they are silky and less sweet (my people are so grateful) than regular buttercream. They also make their own fondant. Their cakes are $3 a serving, but an additional $75 an hour for decorating. I was informed that it ends up being near $7 a serving – I don’t think spending over $1100 on cake is reasonable.

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So, the search continues – stay tuned.