October 29th, 2014

Patti’s Pierogis, Fall River

When people talk about food that “will stick to your ribs”, the hearty Polish fare at Patti’s Pierogis is what they are talking about. It will also stick to your thighs, belly and backside, but should you care, when the food is this good? Absolutely not. I certainly do not recommend eating this way everyday, but if you happen to find yourself in Fall River, do not miss an opportunity to go to Patti’s Pierogis for some of the tastiest food I have had recently.

The restaurant was virtually empty at 1:30pm on Wednesday; there is a bar where you can play Keno and then a larger dining room area. The polka played in the background. Following the advice of my waitress, I ordered Polish plate #1. It came with a kapusta soup (cabbage, sauerkraut, potato and for an extra $.50 I got crumpled kielbasa) a cabbage and pork pierogi, a potato and cheese pierogi, a link of kielbasa and a golabki, which is a large cabbage leaf stuffed with beef and rice, covered in a tomato sauce. The bread basket also had the most delicious Rye bread.


The soup was hearty with chunks of potato, and but it was a little salty. It reminded me of the broth after I have cooked corned beef with all the cabbage.


My Polish plate came shortly after. The pierogi were excellent. The skins were rolled so thin, yet did not tear. Even Mama Tsoi’s dumpling skins are not as thin and delicate (don’t tell her I said that). The pierogis had been boiled and then fried in butter, emerging golden brown and crispy - so delicious. The kielbasa casing had a snap and was not too salty as most kielbasas are. I asked for more the excellent rye bread and I made myself a kielbasa sandwich. The stuffed cabbage was humongous; I was only able to finish half. I thought the rice and beef mixture was a little mushy and the tomato sauce a little bland. It was easily the weakest part of my dish. The prices are reasonable as well. My Polish plate was $12 and I ordered another dozen fresh pierogi ($12) to take home to cook for dinner later this week. I wish I also got a loaf of the Rye bread, as well.