December 3rd, 2014

LUXE Burger bar, Downtown, Providence RI

Walking in, it feels like a chain restaurant, but it turns out there are only two locations. There is a regular menu, but LUXE's main concept for you to build your own burger. There is a paper check list with a myriad of protein options including regular beef, Waygu beef, chicken, turkey, veggie, bison, or even ahi tuna. From there, you can add to your burger with a standard list of toppings like lettuce and tomato and onion, or more exotic ones like fried eggs, pastrami, guacamole for extra. With 12 different sauces, and a choice of five different buns, including a gluten-free one, which my friend Ivanie appreciated, the combinations are endless.


I built a standard beef burger ($9) with aged Cheddar, lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions, pastrami (.99) and garlic aïoli on a sesame bun. My friend Barry and I shared a chocolate shake ($4). They offer boozy shakes as well, but I decided, in between bridge games, that wouldn't be a good idea. I also upgraded my side to cheesy tator tots (.99)

For all that was going on with my burger, you would think would be packed with flavor but it was surprisingly bland. I had even forgotten about the pastrami until halfway through the sandwich and a chunk fell out. My burger was medium, instead of the medium rare I asked for. The sesame bun also disintegrated - I wish they had toasted it so that it would hold up better. The tater tots were greasy and gooey, but not in a good way. I enjoyed my shake, but it was small. I miss the days of Tom's Diner in NYC, where we would get a huge shake, with the metal canister it was made in.

Our service was good, and if you don't add the extras, the price is fairly reasonable for a decent size burger with fries. Most importantly, it is close to the bridge playing site. My three dining companion seemed perfectly content with their meals.