December 12th, 2014

Nick's on Broadway, Federal Hill, Providence RI

When I searched for the best brunch in Providence, Nick's on Broadway was a restaurant that kept coming up over and over again. The website states that they are "proud to offer seasonal, local + carefully sourced vegetables, meats, seafood + products." I attempted to go earlier in the week, but it was one of those "we are not open on Monday" restaurants. I was sad my team did not qualify for the second day of the Swiss, but that meant I had the opportunity to have Sunday brunch with Dr. Marc and his friend Jamie.

They do not take reservations and I knew from my reading that there was always a wait, so I arrived early. At 10 AM there was only 2 tables ahead of me, but by the time we are seated at 10:20, the place was packed, and the waiting list was at least half a dozen deep.

Immediately a corned beef special caught my eye but the waitress informed me it was $16 and that seemed a little much. I opted for the very boring "The Special Plus" (two eggs, home fried potatoes, toast, and choice of meat, $9). Although the rosemary ham and smoked bacon sounded delicious, I went with the house made sausage. I also asked for a biscuit in lieu of toast. Marc's friend Jamie ordered the same, except with smoked bacon.

FullSizeRender (2)


It was all cooked perfectly, and the potatoes were crispy and delicious. My sausage patty was a huge sandwich-bread shaped slab that would've been perfect for a sausage, egg and cheese sandwich. My biscuit had been split and griddled. It was delicious, however the previous nights biscuit at North was a hair better, even with the hair.


Marc ordered a sauté of local autumn vegetables with greens with two poached eggs and chargrilled bread. It was a beautiful plate and he seemed to enjoy it. It didn't really scream breakfast to me, but Marc is always talking about how he's not a breakfast fan so I guess it was perfect for him.

I tried to convince my dining companions to get some sort of dessert but they both balked claiming fullness. The woman next to us got a stack of outstanding looking French toast.
There was also a warm pumpkin and shortbread pudding with cream cheese–molasses ice cream that sounded delicious, but they were lame and we left without a sweet.

Our waitress was fairly attentive, given the crowded restaurant. Prices are on the higher side, but reasonable for the quality of food you're getting. I advise you to go early, or on a weekday.