February 13th, 2015

The Merchant, Boston

The Merchant in downtown Boston bills itself as a "modern American brasserie" - what does that even mean? I ate there and I’m still not sure.

My friend Leslie and I went for Saturday brunch. Our 11am reservation meant we were the only table in the whole restaurant. We shares the Big Breakfast (two homemade sausage patties, four strips of bacon, one big slice of French toast, two eggs, and home fries, $16) and a pasta carbonara ($13).


The sausage was too salty, but the bacon was nicely crispy, and the home fries were delicious. The French toast was a little bland, but I liked the fruit compote on top. Leslie noted that it could have really used some maple syrup.


The pasta carbonara was tasty, but I didn't taste any black pepper in the black pepper spaghetti, and the "one hour egg" seem like a simple poached egg to me

Our server was nice, especially after I knocked over a glass, breaking it and spilling water everywhere.

The Merchant is in downtown crossing, a no-mans land of restaurants. Although the prices are high, it is a decent stop if you're tired from shopping and need a bite.