March 24th, 2015

Sono Sushi, Arlington MA

After an afternoon of furniture shopping, my friend Leslie and I were ready for a very early dinner. We were in Burlington, so I suggested going to Sono Sushi, a Japanese restaurant in Arlington that is on my 2015 to go list. Happily, Leslie is usually game for any dining experience.

It was only 4 o'clock, so it was no surprise that the restaurant was completely empty, but our hostess jumped up from her napkin folding and cheerfully greeted and seated us.

We started with the hamachi kama ($11), which I had read about rave postings about on This is the collar of the hamachi, glazed and then grilled. The appetizer portion was big enough for two, and it was tender and delicious.

The cold rainy weather steered us toward a large bowl of udon noodle soup. We opted for the Nabe Yaki udon ($14) which came with tempura shrimp, fish cake, chicken, egg, vegetable and noodles. The udon noodles were deliciously toothsome and the broth was like drinking a warm hug.

Lastly, you can't go to a place called Sono sushi and not get a few rolls. We opted for a very perfunctory eel and avocado roll ($6.25) and then the more exotic Cherry Blossom roll ($13). The cherry blossom had salmon, avocado and tempura crumbs wrapped in a Maki roll , and then it was topped with tuna and served with a nice seaweed salad. I did not like the tempura crumbs; They were a little too dry and crunchy. However all the fish was fresh and sliced well.

The portions are large, and we certainly could've done without the eel and avocado roll. Our waitress was friendly and diligent about water refills. Prices are slightly high, but sushi is not a place where you want to go cheap. I enjoyed our meal, however Toraya in Arlington is still my favorite sushi restaurant, but it’s worth stopping at Sono for the hamachi kama.