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How to get ultra thin chocolate chip cookies without really trying

It was late last night when I decided to make a half batch of classic Nestle tollhouse chocolate chip cookies for the weekend. Since it was after 11pm, I decided to mix the dough together, let it rest and bake them off in the morning. Jacques Torres states that letting the cookies sit overnight makes a better cookie, but I seldom plan ahead enough to do it.

This morning, I scooped cookie balls out and baked them for 9 minutes and they came out flat as a board. I don’t have a problem with thin and crispy cookies, but I was puzzled why the rest overnight would do that to them. Something seemed off – did I forget the leavening baking soda? What the temperature of the butter too warm? I thought back to the night before and realized although I meant to half everything, I forgot to divide the sugar. So if you have ever wondered what twice-the-sugar cookies look like, here you go:

photo (2)
Tags: chocolate, cookie, dessert, recipe
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