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Babycakes, Quincy

The cake tasting continues – this week's contender was Babycakes in Quincy, a small bakeshop specializing in "hand-made with only the best ingredients" cupcakes. I've been wrestling with the cupcake vs. traditional wedding cake decision and Babycakes is making a strong case.

I bought 7 of their cupcakes for our weekend on the Cape. The middle is lemon ricotta and then starting at the top, going clockwise: espresso, their signature "babycake", turtle, Oreo, salted caramel and Bailey's Irish cream.


I had help in testing; Steve, Christine and Forest shared in the bounty and gave their opinions.
Lemon ricotta – the weakest one. I would have thought the ricotta would have added moisture, but this was dry and not enough tart lemon flavor.

Espresso (custom)– The owner, Kerri made this (and two others) at my request. It was a dark chocolate cupcake with espresso butter cream. I thought it was rich and delicious, but a little plain.

Their signature "babycake" is based on the classic Hostess cupcake. It is dark chocolate and cream-filled. I liked it a lot, but the fact they will write a custom message on top, makes it a winner. "G + Steve" cupcakes, anyone?

Turtle – It was a lighter chocolate (almost brownie like) topped with walnuts and caramel. Steve, Christine and Forest all loved it and declared it to be the best, but I thought it was good, but not amazing.

Oreo – there was not enough Oreo flavor.

Salted caramel (custom)– The dark chocolate cake was filled with a delicious caramel and the ganache top was sprinkled with salt. The ganache floret was a little too dense, but the flavors were awesome.

Bailey's Irish cream (custom) – This was one of my favorites: Tender yellow cake with a flavorful, light Irish cream frosting.

4 more places to go!
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