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Cake tastings #5 & #6: Lyndell’s, Somerville and Party Favors, Brookline

Lyndell’s, Somerville

Lyndell’s is an old school bakery that has been around since 1887. They are famous for their half moon cookies, which are not actually cookies, but small rounds of golden cake, frosted with ½ chocolate frosting and ½ vanilla frosting.

Amy and I went for a cake tasting and it was out of control – they brought out 14 different confections to try:

The first tray had 3 cupcakes, all golden cake with 3 different frosting variants: strawberry, chocolate and vanilla, an éclair and a Bismarck (a cream and strawberry-filled pastry).


The cake was tender and moist – very tasty, but the frostings were all too sweet. The second (enormous tray) came with (from the top left):


Chocolate half moon with raspberry filling
Golden half moon with raspberry filling
Chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting
Red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting
Marble wedding cake with buttercream frosting
White wedding cake with buttercream frosting
Golden cupcake with orange-pineapple frosting
Carrot cupcake with cream cheese frosting
Chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting

After trying all of the cakes, I determined that the golden cake was the best, the chocolate was dry and the chocolate frosting was better than the vanilla which was too sweet.

The prices were surprisingly high: the cake is $4 per person, and the cupcakes are $2.50 a piece. They were super nice at Lyndell’s and when we finished I got handed a cake box with a fresh tray of all the samples we just tried. It was insanely generous.

Party Favors, Brookline

Perhaps, I have been spoiled by all the different tastings, but when I was served two merger slices of cake: red velvet with mocha filling and almond cake with chocolate mousse, I was shocked. The cake was good, but the mocha filling was so strong, it was bitter. The almond cake was too floral – almost like eating almond perfume.


Their cupcakes come in three sizes: petite ($1.5), regular ($2.5) & jumbo (3.5). I got 6 petite cupcakes to try at home: key lime, peanut butter, salted caramel, lemon, oreo and carrot. I wasn’t impressed by any of them.
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