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Late Night Ramen at Uni Sashimi Bar

It's near midnight and I am standing in an alcove in Clio, one of Boston's best French restaurants and I am waiting for ramen. I'm not alone either; there is a growing crowd of eager, hungry people. Although they advertise the ramen begins at 11pm (Friday and Saturdays, only), we have been waiting for almost an hour. We take not-so-subtle looks down the short flight of stairs in to Uni, the sashimi bar, waiting for the last table to finish so that the soup orgy can begin.

I went with my friend Erika and her boyfriend Steve and it is 12:05am when we finally get seated at the sushi bar. The menu offers 2 options: Tonkotsu (rich, creamy pork broth) and vegetarian. There are also buns (bao) and hard shelled tacos (???). It's midnight and I'm about to have ramen; it's like college again, except the ramen is $14 instead of .59 cents. But that is not a fair assessment; Uni's ramen is the product of hours at the stove, creating a deeply rich and flavorful broth for springy, toothsome noodles. There is a poached egg, a single piece of pork belly and then seaweed and scallions to finish the party. The serving is smaller than you would expect, but that's probably a good thing as it is now almost 1am and I do not need a trough of soup sloshing around before bed.


I also had a pork belly bun to start ($6). It was delicious, the bao was pillowy soft and the meat was tender and unctuous . Although, if Mama Tsoi ever hears that I spent $20 on a bao and ramen, you may never hear from me again.


My friends liked Uni's ramen more than Yume Wo Katare in Porter Square. I think both are good, but Yume Wo Katare's is a better value (more pork belly, more noodles and more broth). I still think Blue Ginger's ramen is still the fairest of them of all.
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