gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Snappy Patty’s, Medford

Snappy Patty’s is a new 36- seat restaurant in West Medford. It’s exactly what the neighborhood needs, a casual, reasonably priced joint serving good food and drink. Steve and I stopped in for a bite; it was an awkward time, post-lunch menu, but pre-dinner, so all that was available to us was the sliders. I had the Californian (Havarti, avocado mayo, marinated tomato, $7) and Steve went with the Plain. There are 3 small sliders on house baked olive oil brioche. The menu states that the beef is “1/3 Pound of Antibiotic Hormone Free Ground Beef Patties”


I enjoyed my sliders, although the toast was too oily. The beef is cooked through (when I attempted to order it medium rare, I was told that the meat is too thin to cook medium rare) and well-seasoned. The avocado mayo was greenish, but had no avocado flavor. The havarti was nice and gooey. The fries ($5) were good – hot, crispy and salty.


Our waitress was young and disinterested; she disappeared and never came back. There is a lot on the menu I would love to try, so I’ll definitely be back.
Tags: burgers, medford, restaurant review
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