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Cake tastings #7 & #8: Icing on the Cake, Newton and Quebrada, Wellesley

64 cakes later, I am done – I have picked a cake for the wedding, or cupcakes to be more precise.

Icing on the Cake, Newton

This bakery was recommended to me by not one, but two people. They kept us waiting for 20 minutes, but my cake consultant was fast and efficient. We tried 5 different cakes:


Mocha Chocolate - Moist deep chocolate cake with mocha buttercream and raspberry jam

Lemon Velvet - Light lemony cake layered with lemon buttercream and raspberry jam

Golden Amaretto - Gold cake laced with Amaretto liqueur and layered with Amaretto buttercream

White Chocolate Mousse - Gold or chocolate cake layered with whipped white chocolate mousse

Red Velvet Cake - Traditional red velvet filled with cream cheese icing

The red velvet was my favorite of the bunch, but nothing blew me away. The cake was moist, but the texture was a little strange. It felt like it had been saturated with sugar syrup, but when I asked if that was the case, they said no. The cakes are on the pricier side - $4.75 - $5.25 a serving, and additional decorating costs may apply.

Quebrada, Wellesley

I used to live down the street from the Quebrada location in Arlington and was a fan of their pastries. The main bakery is located in Wellesley. I liked how they did their tasting: We were given 3 unfrosted cupcakes: golden, chocolate and carrot, and an array of filling and frostings so that we could make our own combinations.


Their buttercreams were excellent: light, silky and not too sweet. The mocha buttercream was my favorite. Their buttercream is an Italian meringue, which is far superior to just butter or shortening. The cake was tender, moist and had good flavor. I think what clinched it for me is that they sell the cupcakes in petite sizes, which are more portion appropriate for my dessert plan (sundae bar, cupcakes and cookie platters from Lakota)
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