gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Sel de la terre, Natick

After a marathon shopping spree with Mj at the Natick Mall (goddamn, that’s a large collection of stores), we desperately needed a break off our feet and food. The mall is home to a small food court, some standard mall eateries (Au bon pain, Friendly’s, etc.) and a couple of upscale restaurants. We decided on Sel de la terre; I’ve been there before for dinner, but it seemed like the best option for lunch.


I had a nicoise salad, with grilled yellow fin tuna, Mj had lobster salad with brioche. My salad was generous; thick slices of rare tuna, olives, green beans, boiled potato and greens. Mj seemed to enjoy her meal, too.


The bread basket was slightly better than last time; it contained the fig bread I liked, plus an olive, semolina, and rye bread.


All in all, it was a reasonable lunch especially given that we were in a mall, and it refreshed us for more Christmas shopping. 
Tags: natick, restaurant review
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