gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Abby Lane, Boston

Allison and I had dinner at Abby Lane, where Jason Santos of Hell's kitchen fame, is the Executive Chef. It was a convenient place to eat before we saw Stephen King's new musical, Ghost Brothers of Darkland County.


We shared an order of eggplant fries ($5) which were outstanding. It was the best rendition of a non-potato fry I’ve had; the exterior was light and crispy, concealing a creamy eggplant interior. There was a nice tzatziki dipping sauce, as well.


We ordered the New Orleans BBQ shrimp ($13). The shrimp were sizable and plump, however the dish only had five. The sauce was correct in seasoning, and it came with 4 pieces of grilled bread.


Lastly, we had the fried boneless buttermilk fried chicken dinner ($23). It came with delicious mashed potatoes and flavorful spinach. The chicken was pretty good, but the chicken was fried darker than I like - just one shade away from brunt. It also came with “honey-spiced doughnuts,” which were more like munchkin size bread rolls that had been coated in sugar and cinnamon - not doughnut like at all. I was disappointed.

Our service was fine, and it was a convenient walk to the play, so I would definitely recommend it for a pre-theater bite.
Tags: boston, new american, restaurant review
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