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Bob and Timmy's grilled pizza, Federal Hill, Providence RI

I am in Providence, Rhode Island for a week and a half for the Fall Bridge Nationals - that means a whole lot of card playing, but also a chance to explore the dining scene in New England's third-biggest city.

Grilled pizza was invented in Providence, Rhode Island over three decades ago. I made the trek down several years ago to try at its birthplace, Al Forno and thought it was delicious. A coworker of mine, Mary, told me about how she and her husband often drive from their home in Boston to Providence to get the grilled pizza from Bob and Timmy's, so last night Steve, Matthew and I went to try their rendition.

The small restaurant was already three quarters full by 4:45 PM on a chilly Saturday night. Steve and I decided to share a simple mesclun salad ($7) and a sausage supreme pizza (sweet Italian sausage, red onions, red and green peppers, and tomato sauce, $16). Matthew, a vegetarian, opted for a spinach and cheese calzone ($9).

Our salad arrived and it was huge – more than enough for the three of us to share. I liked the house balsamic vinaigrette which was lightly sweetened.


The star of our meal arrived next – a 14 inch grilled pizza, loaded with delicious, flavorful toppings atop thin, crispy crust perfumed with woodsmoke. It was outstanding.


I couldn't resist a bite of Matthew's calzone after discovering how delicious the pizza was; his calzone was excellent as well. The same pizza dough yielded a light flaky crust wrapped around a generous amount of spinach and cheese.

Our waitress was super friendly and sweet, the food came out quickly and they have a full liquor license, which was important to Steve & Matthew. This was definitely one of the best pizzas I've had in recent history - I used to think Mary was crazy for driving 45 minutes for pizza, no longer. I might have to hitch a ride along the next time they go.
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