gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Pastiche - Federal Hill, Providence RI

After our delicious pizza at Bob and Kimmy's, Steve and I took the short stroll down the street to Pastiche, A small bakery and café that my friend Mary told me I had to go to. The display case had many tempting confections, but the chocolate caramel cake caught my eye. I had a slice of that, and was thrilled to see they had milk listed on the menu ($1.25 for a small). Steve opted to just have a cappuccino.


The chocolate cake was moist and had good chocolate flavor. The caramel was only in the frosting which was thick and creamy. My only issue with the cake is that it came straight out of the refrigerator case and was too cold. Cake should be served at room temperature. It was also pricey at $7 a slice
Tags: bakery, cake, dessert, providence, restaurant review
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