gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Slymans, Cleveland OH

Slyman's advertises that they are Cleveland's biggest and best corned beef sandwich, so I convinced Director Mike that corned beef sandwiches were perfectly suitable for breakfast. Luckily, he was game.

Slyman's has been selling their signature corned beef sandwich since 1963. The decor does not look like it has changed since then, but that is part of the charm.

We shared the Reuben sandwich (Grilled rye, Swiss cheese & sauerkraut, corned beef, $14.5) as well as an one egg breakfast plate with bacon, home fries and toast ($4).


The sandwich was a glorious sight to behold; meltingly tender corned beef, sliced paper thin, mounded 5 inches high on grilled rye. It tasted even better; the corned beef was flavorful and not overly salty, the melted Swiss blanketed the sandwich and the kraut added tang and crunch which balanced the richness of the meat. The only strange thing was that the thousand Island dressing was served on the side, which I ended up appreciating because I could add exactly as much as I wanted (I hate an over-dressed sandwich).


There was nothing notable about the rest of the meal, but the home fries had a nice crust and my egg was cooked correctly. It hardly matters - you do not come here for an egg, you come for the magnificent sandwich.
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