gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

City Streets, Waltham

After 4 hours of discussing our future marriage in Pre-Cana, Steve and I were ready for a drink and a snack. It was 9:30pm, and the snow was coming down hard so we opted for a place up the street from the Church. Despite the good reviews, I was weary when we walked in. City Streets looks and feels like a generic suburban restaurant, trying to be all things to all people, serving a vast array of items from burgers, flatbreads, quesadillas to chicken piccata and pot pie.

We sat at the bar and watched as a birthday party did shots. We shared the salt and pepper wings ($10.5) and a Rustico flatbread (prosciutto, tomato & roasted peppers, $9)


I was surprised; the wings were crispy and meaty, and the flatbread had a crispy crust and fairly flavorful toppings.

Despite the decent fare, I would still recommend you go to Redbird if you are in the Waltham area and are hungry.
Tags: pub, restaurant review, waltham
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