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Legal on the Mystic, Somerville

If you haven't been to Assembly Square lately, you would be stunned at the Assembly Row addition – there are a ton of new shops and restaurants. After an eventful day that included buying a house, getting our marriage license and mailing out invitations, Steve and I went for a quiet celebration meal. Legal met the dual criteria of easy parking and lots of seafood options (no meat on Fridays for Steve).

I know Legal Seafoods likes to insist that they are not a chain, despite the numerous locations, but the menu is fairly similar to the other sites that I've been to.


Steve had the grilled rainbow trout ($19) and opted for fries and broccoli as his 2 sides. I did not taste it but he seemed to enjoy it as he cleaned his plate.


I ordered the sautéed mussels (1 1/2 pounds with garlic, white wine, crushed red pepper, $12) and our server let me know that there was a special Thai coconut curry broth for the same price. I decided to try it and I was glad I did; the broth was a perfect balance of sweet and spicy. The mussels were inconsistent – some were the size of my thumbnail, others were 4 times the size. The complimentary rolls were hot and crusty and ideal for sopping up the flavorful broth. I also got an order of fries ($4), which tasted like they had been out of the fryer for a while.

Chain is not always a "C" word; I think that Legal on the Mystic is a great, easy place to go, with reasonable prices and a nice view of the water.


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