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G's Bachelorette Weekend (Charleston, SC), Part IV

It was our last morning in Charleston and we knew we had to have biscuits one more time. The short walk to Callie's Hot Little Biscuits awarded us Virginia ham biscuits with mustard and cheddar.


It was easily the best biscuit of the whole trip. We are also very close to glazed gourmet doughnuts, a shop specializing in, you guessed it – glazed gourmet doughnuts. We had a tiramisu doughnut, a black-and-white filled with chocolate doughnut and a bacon apple fritter. The doughnuts were pretty good, tender and lightly fried. My only complaint was that the bacon apple fritter did not have enough bacon in it.


Our flight was at two, so we had enough time for a quick lunch. We went to Martha Lou’s, a pink shack near the overpass of the highway. I learned about it when Shawn Brock's raved about it on Mind of a Chef, stating it is one of his favorite places in Charleston. Martha Lou has been cooking soul food for 30+ years, and has brought her daughter as well as her granddaughter into the family business. For $10 I got a quarter of a fried chicken (your choice of white or dark) and three sides. I opted for red rice, collard greens, and mac & cheese. I was sad they had no biscuits. All of the chicken is cooked to order, so we had to wait longer than I had anticipated for our food. Sadly, that meant we had to rush through our lunch. It's too bad because the chicken was perfectly fried, crispy and delicious. I would have enjoyed it more if I had not burned my tongue on the first bite.


Our flight was, of course, delayed so we could've taken the time to savor the chicken properly.

I had an amazing weekend with my friends – Charleston is a super fun and delicious food-filled city. I would highly recommend it as a gateway spot for your next vacation.
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