gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

JNJ Turo Turo, Quincy

There is a dearth of Filipino food in the Boston; JNJ Turo Turo is the only Filipino restaurant in the area, and it is only open Friday – Sun, from 11-8pm. "Turo-Turo" literally means "point-point" in Tagalog and you can do just that – there is a steam table with the day’s selections available to you. The website is misleading; only a handful of dishes are made a day. There is also a small list of made to order foods, which I opted for instead of the pre-made. Steve and I got the Lechong Kawali (deep fried pork belly, $6.5), whole fried fish ($12.5) and Pancit Bihon (Thin rice noodles with vegetables, large $6.49)

I was disappointed with the meal – both the Lechong Kawali and the whole fish were over fried and dry. They desperately needed a sauce. The pancit was okay, but had an overly fishy taste – maybe they used too much fish sauce.

I may need to go to New York to have better Filipino.
Tags: asian, filipino, quincy, restaurant review
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