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Playska, Cambridge

International Thursday made a reappearance this week – although technically it was on a Wednesday. Tim Weichmann of Bronwyn restaurant has opened Playska, a new sandwich shop in Inman Square where Rosie’s used to be. It features Balkan inspired sandwiches and pastries. You know me, I am always up for trying something new and I was able to convince my intrepid coworkers to join me. The menu has several meat options, as expected, but there is also a selection of vegetarian sandwiches.

Kristin and I shared two sandwiches; the first was the signature “Playska” which is a play on pljeskavica, a traditional Balkan dish of ground meat, made in to a patty. At Playska, they serve this patty on lepinje bread, a thick homemade pita with ajvar relish, cucumber pickle and bacon cream cheese rémoulade. Essentially, it’s a Balkan burger. The patty was tender and flavorful. They did not ask how I wanted it cooked; so the rare patty was fine for me, but probably too pink for Kristin. The sandwich was on the small side for the $9 price tag.

The pickled pork shank sandwich featured pork, chopped bbq style, on challah bread with cabbage-apple pickle, kardizi pepper bbq sauce. It was hearty, filling and I loved the crunch and freshness of the cabbage apple slaw. At $12.50, it’s most expensive item on the menu.

The chicken boudin and urnebes cheese sandwiches were also well received. All sandwiches came with a small foil package of pickled beets.

I also picked up an almond custard kolache (basically a Danish). It was dry and not enough almond filling.

Although I enjoyed both sandwiches, the prices are too high. Olecito is just around the corner, where I can get a larger and equally delicious torta for $9.


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