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Deluxe Town Diner

Happy 4th of July. I've mentioned the Deluxe Town Diner before, as it's hubby's favorite place for pancakes.

We went there tonight with friends, MJ and Brian. We sat around the living room trying to think of somewhere to go, and somewhere that would be open. on the holiday. Brian suggested Chinese, but that seemed unpatriotic; so, of course Hubby says, "Town Diner," causing MJ to burst out in laughter as she just read the previous entries about his love of pancakes. So off to the diner we went.

Hubby ordered the blueberry pancakes w/ greek sausage. I had chicken fried steak (CFS). I don't understand why, but whenever I see it on a menu, I'm drawn to it (like hubby to blueberry pancakes). I have no idea where this love of CFS comes from. It's not a dish I grew up with. In fact, after I declared this one, "okay, not great." Hubby asked when have I ever had a 'great one'? And I had no answer. I assume I must have had a really amazing one, once, somewhere down south, but for the life of me I can't recall it. Maybe it's just that I love the idea of combining 2 of my favorite foods (fried chicken and steak) in to one and covering it with gravy, but the reality always lets me down. This guy, Scott, has tried over 50 CFS in the texas area. Here's part 11 of his 11 part series:

Back to the meal, my CFS was breaded fine, and surprisingly crispy despite being drown in brown gravy. As Brian, a native Texan, pointed out, the gravy is usually white, a cream gravy. It came with 2 sides, garlic mashed potatoes, and fries. The fries were better than the potato.

MJ ordered a chili dog, it was an impressive load of chili atop a dog. She ate it with a fork and knife, which seems wrong, but more sanitary. Brian has the "kobe" burger, which is actualy American Waygu. He felt it was too blackened on the outside, but cooked to medium rare on the inside. They both ordered sweet potatoes fries which were quite good.  Hubby made them try the pancakes, and they both agreed (probably out of fear of upsetting him) that it was a great pancake.

Our waitress was fine, no complaints. I'm sure I'll be back soon enough.
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