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BiSq, Cambridge

There are times when after a great appetizer and stellar entrée, I hesitate about ordering dessert. Not for the normal reasons (feeling full, saving calories, etc) but because I don't want to blemish the meal if the dessert is subpar. I find it is difficult for restaurants to be consistent across the courses. I was pleased (and surprised) that my 6 course tasting menu at BiSq was excellent, from start to finish.

BiSq is the sister restaurant to Bergamot (BiSq stands for Bergamot Inman Sq) and the chef, Dan Bazzinotti just won Eater's Boston Chef of the Year award. It serves new American inspired small plates and charcuterie. The tasting menu (for 2) if normally $90, but a Groupon is currently being offered for $60.

Leslie and I were seated at the Chef's counter, overlooking all the cooking action. I watched as a chef spent over an hour trimming hundreds of baby Brussels sprouts. I worry that my words are not sufficient to convey the deliciousness of the meal. Each and every dish was complex, intricate in its construction, thoughtfully paired with different components and deeply flavorful. A dish of beets and fennel became a mélange of tender, earthy, crunchy and creamy, all at the same time. The plates were beautiful to look at, yet still had an element of fun and whimsy.

1st course: Salmon ceviche with cucumber, cantaloupe, and corona beans

2nd course: Herb marinated yellow and red beets, fennel, sunflower seed granola and raita

3rd course: Charcuterie board with: coppa, blood sausage, chicken liver mousse, pate, fried cornbread, draped with lardo and grilled bread

4th course: Hazelnut risotto with quince and butternut squash

5th course: Grilled pork loin with king mushrooms, red cabbage and queso verde

6th course: Dessert charcuterie board: lemon squares, blood orange fruit de pate, Chex muddy buddies, chocolate "salami" and honeycomb candy.

Street parking was easy and the staff were attentive and friendly. BiSq was one of the best meals I've had in the Boston area this year.
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