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Angela's Café, East Boston

Angela's has been on my restaurant list since 2010, but I had not been able to convince anyone to go to East Boston with me. The raves are numerous – all of them calling Angela's the most authentic Mexican food in Boston. Luckily, my friend Peggi was happy to venture out to Eastie with me.

Parking was easier than I thought it would be; the surrounding streets are not "resident only". The restaurant is small, with one waitress for the room. The menu features food from the Puebla region of Mexico.

Serious eats did a column in 2011, proclaiming the guacamole "Perfect" ( so we had to order some ($10). It came in a large molcajete, garnished with chunks of tomatoes. The guacamole is bright with fresh lime juice and a subtle onion and cilantro flavor. I wouldn't call it perfect, but it was pretty tasty.

We each had a steak taco ($2.5) and a taco al pastor ($3.5). The flavor was good, but the meats were lackluster. The beef was chewy and the pork was dry. They both needed crema or salsa to complete the taco.

Mole Poblano De Angela ($20) is the signature dish the restaurant is famous for. The sauce is a blend of chocolate, nuts and different varieties of chiles. There's no denying the depth and complexity of the sauce, but the pork loin was overcooked to the point that the meat was like sawdust; it was such a disappointment.

The flan ($6) was too thick and eggy for my taste. I should have ordered the tres leche cake instead.
Maybe my expectations were too high, or maybe I just don't like/understand interior Mexican cuisine. Either way, I'm glad I can finally cross it off my list.
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