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Tuscan Kitchen, Burlington

Opened in 2014, Tuscan Kitchen is an offshoot of the popular restaurant/marketplace Tuscan Market in Salem, NH. It is situated in an office park in Burlington. Steve and I pulled up to the complimentary valet where 4 valets were standing around and one pointed to the lot and told me there were lots of spaces. Um. Ok. Thanks. We parked and walked to the doors where a 5th valet stood and watched as we opened the doors ourselves. It seems strange to have all these guys milling about not doing anything on a busy Friday night.

We arrived on time for our 6:30 reservation and were seated immediately with our friends, Kim and Robin. We had a nice booth; It was set in an alcove that shielded some of the loud screaming and laughing from a party on the other side of the restaurant. Steve, Robin and I started with the Fichi pizza ($19); it was a large square pie, loaded with sweet tender figs and a generous amount of prosciutto di Parma. The crust would have been perfect with another 2 minutes in the oven. Robin declared the pizza to be "brilliant."

Kim was intrigued by the mozzarella bar and tried the Mozzarella Calda (Warm Hand Stretched Mozzarella, Blistered Cherry Tomato, Basil Oil, Shaved Parmigiano Reggiano, $13). She liked it, but was disappointed that the cheese was not warm, as advertised.

Steve's orecchiette with sausage and broccolini was well liked – the pasta was toothsome and he really enjoyed the broccolini.

I opted for the mussels appetizer ($14) for my dinner. The Sambuca & roasted tomato brodo was flavorful and the mussels were tender. The truffle Parmigiano fries ($6) were thick undercooked wedges. I prefer a thin crispy fry.

I did not try Robin's wild mushroom ravioli, but he cleaned the plate. Kim's chicken Caesar salad looked over dressed, but I know that's a personal preference.

Our server was lovely; she was attentive and friendly. The bread basket has warm slices of a Tuscan bread, as well as focaccia. We contemplated dessert, but decided we were too full and passed.
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