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Bastille kitchen, Boston

Steve and I helped his mother, Joyce, celebrate her birthday last weekend at Bastille kitchen, a new French restaurant in Fort point. The dining room is lovely; High ceilings, brick walls, iron sconces, and curved banquettes, wide oak floorboards, and a marble bar. We were seated immediately for our 7pm reservation.

After ordering, the bread basket arrived with four hot mini croissants. They had me at hot mini croissant. I could've polished off six of these with some good cheese and been perfectly content.

The menu has classic French items, although they did not have my usual go to, steamed mussels, so I opted for the prime skirt steak frites ($30). Joyce had the salmon au poivre ($28) and Steve won the dinner round with his whole roasted haddock ($36). His fish was perfectly cooked and so flavorful. I had fish envy. My steak was cooked correctly, and I enjoyed the trio of sauces with my cone of crispy salted fries. I did not try the salmon, but Joyce seemed to enjoy it very much.

I was little full for dessert, but you can't have a birthday celebration without a candle to blow out, so I relented. I ordered the citrus Napoleon which was lemon curd and pink grapefruit supremes sandwiched between three large bronzed planks of puff pastry topped with a cloud of torched Italian meringue. I think the ratio of puff pastry to curd was too high. Thinner planks would have been better for taste as well as ease of eating. The dessert had structural integrity problems - trying to take a bite destabilized the whole construct and lemon curd and citrus segments went everywhere. That said, the curd was sweet and bright with lemon and the pastry was a nice textural contrast. Joyce had profiteroles with salted caramel chip and hazelnut gelato, with small pitcher of warm chocolate sauce. Steve just had three tiny scoops of salted caramel gelato. All desserts were $8-$9, which seems reasonable for my mammoth plate, and pricey for the gelato.

Our server was attentive, but not intrusive. The best part of the night is that we discovered that Necco Street garage (behind the restaurant) is only five dollars on Saturdays, no validation needed. Between the cheap parking, the fish and the mini croissants, we will definitely be back.
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