gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Jim's Kebabs, Lawrence

The name Jim's Kebabs does not exactly scream authenticity, however I was in the mood for falafel so I decided to give it a chance.

I was up in Lawrence for training and I asked one of my friends who worked there, what he liked in the area and he said laughed and said, "nothing, usually when we went out to lunch we would leave Lawrence," I did a quick Google search for restaurants within walking distance of the office and Jim's was the winner.

Jim's is a small mom and pop sub shop; Jim, himself was super friendly and took my order. The falafel was huge, quite the bargain for six bucks. I told him I wanted extra sauce and he delivered, it was dripping with it. The falafel was crispy, although little over fried, and the addition of pickles was not what I was used to. If I am ever back in the area, I would definitely go to Jim's again. Sorry the picture isn't that interesting; once I started eating, I couldn't put it down to take a picture without a structural disaster.
Tags: lawrence, middle eastern, restaurant review, sandwich
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