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Hojoko, Boston

The name is cute - it is Japanese for Son of HoJo which is appropriate given that the Verb hotel, where the restaurant is situated, used to be a Howard Johnson's. Hojoko is Tim Cushman's (of O Ya fame) new casual Japanese izakaya, the Japanese version of a tavern. The menu has an assortment of small plates, sushi rolls, and skewers, to be shared - tapas style.

I managed to easily find parking at 5:30pm on a Tuesday night. Leslie and I shared the foie gras "spam" sushi ($8), grilled prawns ($12), udon carbonara ($13), hamachi kama, which is the collar of the fish ($15), and a simple local green salad with a spicy ginger-sesame dressing ($7).

The salad dressing was delicious, although the hamachi kama was definitely the winner of the night. The grilled smoky fish skin against the tender flesh was delicious. Be aware of all the bones.

The foie gras "spam" sushi was a disappointment – overly salty and very expensive for what we got - 3 small rolls.

The prawns are large and well cooked, but again the price tag was heavy.

I liked the idea of the fusion of Japanese and Italian with the udon carbonara, but the soft noodles were at the wrong texture for the sauce. I did like the pork belly addition. Again, minuscule serving size.

Our service was proficient; we noted how quickly they wanted to snatch our plates off the table even before we are done with the dishes.

Hojoko is far too expensive for what it is. One Yelp review warns that you will need to go out for cheap pizza afterwards and it turns out it wasn't in jest – I went to the bar to meet up with my friends, post-bridge game, and shared nachos.
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