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My main problem with brisket is that it can be drier than the Mojave desert, in fact, when I do decide to order it, I usually tell them I want it cut from the fatty end. I was at Savenor's on Christmas Eve, getting groceries for R's special birthday dinner. He always has the same thing: filet mignon wrapped with bacon, roasted asparagus, sauteed mushrooms, mushroom gravy, and blue cheese compound butter. He insists that the filet be USDA prime. Prime grade beef is hard to find; there are only a handful of places that sell it to the public. Savenor's is one of them, all their beef is prime. As I picked up the filet mignon (it's now up to $46 a pound, good god!), I noticed that they had a beautiful cut of brisket and at $4 a pound it was a steal.

I decided to braise the brisket (see the braised short ribs post for general instructions - ) with onions and prunes (very traditional Jewish style) and it was unbelievable good. It was truly “melt in your mouth tender” and so moist. I also picked up so Kobe (waygu) ground beef for burgers, we'll see if it makes a difference.
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