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Kitchen on Common, Belmont

The Boston Globe just reviewed it, people on love it, and Boston magazine just included it in it’s 35 best restaurants of 2007 list (keep in mind the theme was reasonable, mid-priced restaurants). So, I figured it was time for to try it.

The restaurant wasn’t what I expected at all. The décor was a little sterile, more like a casual lunch place where you order at the register, pay and wait for your food, than a sit down, table service, dinner place. The menu they hand you is a paper take out menu, and its offerings are limited: a pasta, chicken stew, steak, pork chop and grilled salmon comprise all the entrees. None of it appealed to me. So I ended up ordering a spinach salad with goat cheese and pancetta and 3 sides. It was a carb-palooza: mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, and parmesan polenta. The salad was quite good, and the rest of it was fine, nothing noteworthy. R got the pork chop, which was dry, but it came with a savory bread pudding that was tasty. Prices are cheap; $15 and less for entrees and $4 for sides. The dessert options were any of the saran wrapped basked goodies on the counter by the register.

If you live in the neighborhood, it would be a fine option for a weeknight meal, and probably even better for lunch. But, given the other 34 restaurants to try, I won’t be back anytime soon.

Happy New Year to all!
Tags: belmont, restaurant review
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